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Every day, you put time, attention

and content into your online life.

KicBac rewards YOU for those contributions.

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How Does KicBac Work?

Every day, you put energy into your online life. A post, comment, likes, all of your attention, focus and creativity. This energy’s value is often lost on the web. KicBac is a rewards points network where you will be able to earn KicBacs while on different community websites. KicBac is committed to helping you recover that value. Rewarding YOU for those contributions: Treat yourself or Pay it forward to others!

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You get to decide how to enjoy your KicBacs. You can Treat Yourself, grab an Amazon or Starbucks gift card and enjoy a treat on us. Or you can choose to Pay it Forward to someone else. What if KicBac donated $5 to a cause that is important to you? $5 may not change the world, but if we do it thousands of times, it could really make a difference..

Why Use KicBac?

It’s completely free. No hidden fees. You control how you earn and spend your KicBacs.

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Discover several ways to spend your KicBacs. Treat yourself or Pay it forward to charities.